Musical Parodies with Video

The use of poetry and parodies, as well as musical jingles or introductions (with or without accompanying visuals/video) is another unique way to help clients stand out in a crowd and make a memorable impression. Poetry can be used as part of ad campaign or to commemorate special events such as retirements, anniversaries or promotions. Parodies are an extremely useful tool when trying to communicate about topics or products that may be considered boring, complicated or emotionally, politically or personally “sensitive.”

The parodies above were created for a client trying to bring attention to the need for sustained infrastructure funding… a topic the average person knows (or cares) little about. The campaign was to be launched prior to the Christmas holidays, while state budgets were being developed. Using actual pieces of proposed legislation as the impetus, we wrote three musical parodies of familiar holiday tunes which suggested using funding from the proposed revenue-generating initiatives, to fund the state’s infrastructure needs. Originally planned for radio (but used on social media instead, with added visuals) these three musical video parodies attracted more than 67,000 hits.